Database & Omnichannel Marketing

Making your data do more with more channels, more tools, and more touch-points

Create accessible and actionable insights enabling you to integrate feedback with outside trends and strategies fueling evidence based results. Then initiate and sustain timely and targeted conversations utilizing preferred channels.


Your Integrated Marketing Solution

Offering Seamless Omnichannel Engagement with Manufactures, Providers and Consumers


We provide seamless, omnichannel engagement with manufacturers, providers and consumers. Our integrated platform utilizes sophisticated data routines to ensure data integrity, establishes relationships and demographics, and maintains complete person profiles to map each customer’s journey.

H360 is the CRM omnichannel solution for creating cross-channel strategies from integrated data sources for your marketing campaigns. Cross-channel planning builds the optimal customer experience successfully meeting your marketing goals and objectives.

  • Knowledge of your customers’ interactions with your products or services
  • Optimal plans for successful outreach programs personalizing the journey
  • Delivered using channel preferences and frequency

Integrated Features

  • Data Integration – real time web service interface and automated file import and export schedules
  • Data Integrity and Security – secure instance and privacy compliant with automated data cleansing and monitoring routines
  • Campaign – set tactics, assets, channels, cadence, and cost in a viewable flow
  • Person – a 360° set of attributes, preferences, and history of the conversation
  • Survey – question and answer mapping that measures individual question or survey success
  • Locator – a customizable geo-locator that provides analysis of the user
  • Analytics – H360 incorporates our analytics methodology and provides iterative and data-driven marketing decisions


The accuracy protocol for our database management services is critical for holding sensitive customer data and for driving successful marketing campaigns. Data integrity is essential.

Hallmarks of our marketing databases include:

Data Integrity and Security

Each unique dataset is maintained in a separate and secure instance, operating in compliance with our company privacy and data security policy evidenced by routine ISO and client audits. All data is effectively backed up to ensure continuity of your marketing programs.

Data Integration

Marketing Programs are unique. Hibbert’s system is adaptable.

  • Real-time web service interactions
  • Multiple file formats are supported from inbound and outbound data sources
  • Custom data imports and exports can be developed to meet interface needs
  • Flexible match and merge-purge routines to assure data hygiene
  • Permissions management (opt in/out)
  • Segmented data collection

Data Quality

We routinely apply a range of standardization procedures to optimize the accuracy of your data, resulting in more efficient and economical programs.



  • Adherence
  • Loyalty
  • Acquisition & Retention
  • Rewards
  • Survey
  • Rebates
  • Vouchers
  • Gift Cards
  • Promotional/Incentive
  • Speaker/Seminar
  • Response Management
  • Registration
  • Subscription Management
  • Win Back
  • Retail Channel Distribution


Our Omnichannel Campaign Management engine, H360, allows you to reach and interact with potential customers through a variety of channels — email, web, mobile, contact center and off-line campaigns. Our infrastructure lets you connect with your customers through their preferred method of communication.


We offer best in class email marketing services designed to optimize campaign effectiveness. We help you avoid unnecessary regulatory delays, manage complex, multi-channel programs and better understand the outcomes of your campaigns.

Our email marketing services incorporate:

  • Best Practices Utilization
  • Content Optimization with Responsive Design
  • Improved Targeting
  • Automation Processes
  • Timed Campaigns
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • PURL Support
  • Tracking, Analytics and Reporting


We host a multitude of web based services that are easily deployable and utilize a template workflow. Our services (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, databases through HTML5 and CSS3, to mobile) help you deploy best practices toward robust digital messaging programs.


Our Mobile Messaging services enable you to reach your clients anywhere at anytime. Whether you need simple, one-way messaging or interactive communication via MMS or SMS, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Program Solutions:

  • Adherence Programs
  • Reminder Programs
  • Opt In/Opt Out Programs
  • QR Code Programs


Our Call Center Services include professionally trained operators that provide in-depth information, and support for program inquiries, order processing, and brand interest. We also have fully automated capabilities.

Our capabilities include:

  • Inbound & Outbound Live Agent
  • Automated IVR/VRU Processing
  • Sales Inquiry Programs
  • Seminar Registration
  • User Surveys
  • Registration Programs
  • Toll-Free Number Management
  • Multi-Cultural Support


We can execute mailings from postcards to high-end dimensional packages. Hibbert has the experience, flexibility, and resources to make your direct mail campaign successful. From design services to maximizing postal discounts, we will work with you to develop a program that meets your needs.

Our advanced mailing systems incorporate:

  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • Intelligent Inserting
  • Hand Assembly
  • Custom Fulfillment