Physical to digital — and everything in between

We provide intuitive management and delivery of your physical and digital assets worldwide.


order2u.com® is a responsively designed platform that easily enables you, your sales reps, and home office to search for content, order materials, create custom resources, and access information on new/featured items. Multiple levels of security are available employing user’s login credentials to determine site access, searching/ordering privileges, and reporting ability.

order2u.com® is also available as a mobile app. With just a few taps, iPad users can quickly and efficiently order digital and physical assets, providing seamless integration with the web-based portal by using the same system interface.


order2u.com® Features:

  • Secure access with optional Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Responsive Design with easy to use navigation tools
  • Ability to order digital Print-on-Demand (POD) items, customizable resources thorough our template resource platform or “off the shelf” physical items located in our distribution centers. All digital items can be distributed electronically via email or pdf download to individuals or to target lists containing many multiple addressees
  • Create individual custom resources through a template customization workflow
  • Ability to load multiple images per item for view while searching
  • Allocation of stock at a user or item level
  • Real-Time Content Control and Maintenance
  • International Shipping
  • Freight Calculator provides estimated freight charges at checkout
  • Recent order activity with on-line freight carrier tracking for shipments
  • Robust reporting and analytics options
  • Training Resources, Videos & Tutorials

Beginning with a basic wireframe, you can customize the application’s appearance with your logos, color scheme and terminology. You can control user role access levels, featured items and landing page messaging to meet your unique business needs. A Business Analyst will be available to assist you in choosing the setup that works best.


From our Worldwide Distribution Centers in New Jersey, Delaware and Colorado – we provide fulfillment and inventory management support throughout North America and the world. We started pioneering the fulfillment of marketing collateral early in the 20th century and continue to blaze trails well into the 21st.

Warehouse Management and Order Fulfillment

We employ a state of the art warehouse management system by JDA® (formerly RedPrairie®) that maximizes inventory/order visibility, agility, accuracy and throughput across the entire fulfillment operation. Radio Frequency (RF) gun technology (2D barcode) is utilized in the receipt, put-away, cycle count and order pick/pack processes. This assures all transactions are completed efficiently and correctly.

In our order fulfillment operations we utilize advanced technology throughout including:

  • “Cartonization” picking process where locations are scanned and items are picked direct to the shipping carton reducing cycle time and number of touches.
  • Lot and serial number tagging involving a serialized fulfillment stream where individual lot/serial numbers of an item are linked to the individual order for full end to end tracking, product recall and item redemption reporting.

Inventory Management

Our Web Based Inventory Management System provides the tools to support the ongoing management and distribution of your material. The system is designed to provide information at both item & warehouse levels.

  • Stock Categorization
  • Stock usage tools
  • Backorder control
  • Low Point, Out of Stock and Expired Item Notifications
  • Digital storage of materials and Version Control
  • Dual Distribution of Items from our East and West U.S. Warehouse Facilities
  • Systematic controls for Pharmaceutical FDA items management
  • Sell to Zero / Move to Print On Demand and/or Item Substitution Options
  • Advanced Stock Notification
  • Standard Reports

Our suite of reports is available electronically and can be set up to run on a scheduled or ad hoc/on demand basis.

Some our standard reports include:

  • Inventory Usage and Stock Status Reports
  • Low and Out of Stock Notification
  • Receiving Reports
  • Slow Moving Item Report
  • Item Availability Listing
  • Order Detail Report
  • Trend Usage
  • Back Order Report
  • Order Summary by Order Type & Definition
  • Warehouse Utilization Reports – Active/Inactive by item
  • Inventory, Order and Usage Dashboards that can be pushed or provided on-demand


Hibbert supports a variety of in-house digital and offset print applications. For Print-on-Demand (POD) and Just-in-Time (JIT) jobs, we support short-run requests in order to provide the fastest possible time to market.

We utilize a comprehensive digital print strategy to help you identify the appropriate print channel for the greatest costs savings. We review your inventory and distribution patterns to find which items can be deployed to a digital print environment.

Hibbert employs Ricoh, Canon, and Konica Minolta, as well as additional high-speed laser print technology, for all of your printing and finishing needs. We operate Digital Print & Finishing Centers in our New Jersey and Colorado locations.


We provide prescription drug sample and medical device distribution services through our CGMP compliant distribution centers.

We provide secure, temperature-controlled warehouses designed to the distribution of Prescription (Rx), Over the Counter (OTC), and Veterinary Drug Samples. Hibbert is fully compliant and certified with the appropriate governmental and industry guidelines including:

  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration Registered – Repackager/Relabeler for Prescription Drugs
  • DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency Certification – Class IV Controlled Substances
  • CGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Process Compliant
  • Licensed to distribute Rx and OTC drugs in all 50 States and the District of Columbia
  • 21 CFR Compliant Part 11 Compliant for Design/Installation/Operational/Performance Qualification
  • Verified/Validated System – Order Receipt/Management and Warehouse Management System
  • Hibbert has earned NABP’s Digital Pharmacy Accreditation

Sales Reps can order samples through order2u.com®, our fully validated and certified web order management system. Our fulfillment steps include:

  • Lot Control
  • Serialization
  • Expired Item Management
  • Product Reconciliation Process
  • Acknowledgement of Delivery (AOD) and Acknowledgement of Content (AOC)
  • Returns Processing
  • Product Destruction


Hibbert supports product fulfillment in a variety of industries. Our Worldwide Distribution Centers allow us to get your product to your customers quickly and efficiently. We handle every aspect of fulfillment from warehousing to order processing including credit card cashiering, reconciliation and reimbursement services.

Our comprehensive operations include:

  • Fully secure and caged warehouse facilities with camera, motion detector and fingerprint swipe access
  • Industry Leading Automated Warehouse Management System – JDA®
  • Order processing via our web portal – order2u.com®, via file feed or SAP/EDI interface from your inventory/order platform
  • Cashiering orders via PayPal®, fully PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Transportation Management
  • Quick and accurate order turnaround

Just a few of the products we service include:

  • Apparel
  • Hard Goods – Electronics and Hardware
  • Sports Industry Signed Memorabilia – including Item Authentication Services
  • Books and Publishing
  • Software
  • Computer Accessories


We have established partnerships with marketing services providers in Europe and Asia providing our clients with comprehensive, single point, international support for their campaigns and programs. Our worldwide capabilities include marketing/campaign program management, digital print, in country fulfillment, product and sample fulfillment, and Clinical Trial programs. Services are ISO 9001 certified.

Our international partners are strategically located in:


Headquartered in Swindon, England with four production centers in the United Kingdom and support offices throughout Europe.


Headquartered in Shanghai, China, with three production centers in China and distribution network across the Asia PAC region.