Integrated, Omnichannel Engagement for Physicians, Patients, Payers, and Reps Throughout the Entire Lifecycle of Your Brand

Healthcare Marketing Solutions

For over four decades, we at Hibbert have been applying our dynamic capabilities to the healthcare industry by developing, executing and managing complete turnkey solutions to the toughest challenges facing the healthcare industry today. Plain and simple: We have the tools to rapidly accelerate your brand’s growth, and the expertise to do so efficiently and effectively. With the support of our 400 employees, 1.1 million square feet of warehousing space, creative, consultative and technical expertise, we have become the single source for PDMA-compliant Regulated Fulfillment, Logistics, Database Management, and related marketing services.


We offer Brand Planning, Campaign Management and Vendor Consultation Services through each phase of the lifecycle of your brand. Our team of highly skilled marketing and technology professionals provide product and information support to build or launch your image and manage all the interfaces at every stage of delivery. We have supported the launch of over 130 brands, and currently service over 200 active brands.

  • Clinical Trials
  • Participant Recruitment & Registration
  • Analytics
  • Site Support and Logistics
  • Material Fulfillment

  • Registration and Survey Sites
  • Unbranded Campaign Execution
  • Launch Planning
  • Database Management and Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Patient Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Sample Management and Distribution
  • Rep Plan of Action
  • Onsite Support
  • Multichannel Campaign Execution
  • Sample Management and Distribution
  • eLearning System
  • Rep Fulfillment – Digital, OnDemand, Physical Collateral and Samples
  • Payer Marketing Support and Execution
  • eDetailing
  • Pharmacy Med Guide Programs
  • OTC Retail Support
  • Animal Health Specific Programs
  • Program Management
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)
  • Event Management Trade Shows/Conferences, Clinical Trials, and Sales Meetings
  • Speaker Programs
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Rebate, Voucher, Co-Pay Programs
  • Mature Brand – Vacant
  • Territory/White Space Management
  • Expiring Patent – Patient Acquisition & Reacquisition Programs
  • Generic Brands – Med Guide Programs
  • Rx to OTC transition


We leverage marketing spend and increase patient awareness and adherence utilizing a omnichannel distribution model. We optimize the design and delivery of highly personalized messaging that allows for an interactive dialog with patients. Hibbert supports Life Sciences organizations to deliver marketing, compliance and product benefit communications to patients across every stage of the lifecycle of a brand.

Patient Solutions include:

  • Brand CRM Campaign Implementation
  • Voucher/Co-Pay Card Programs
  • Adherence
  • Sampling
  • OTC
  • Clinical Trials Support
  • Database Management Services


We offer a wide range of service solutions to support brand-based marketing and regulatory programs to the HCP audience. The value we provide is a fully integrated “closed loop” model involving HCP database at the hub of a multi-spoke approach to engaging with physicians and healthcare providers worldwide. HCP Channel Support involves a broad array of programs, such as:

  • Non-Personal Promotion
  • Tele-detailing (IVR)
  • Direct to Practitioner Sampling
  • Field Rep Detail Aids
  • eDetailing
  • REMS
  • Managed Care Formulary Communications
  • Speaker Programs
  • Vacant Territory & White Space Management


The importance of the Payer Channel to Pharmaceutical Marketing is ever increasing as manufacturers strive to optimize their brand’s value within the Managed Care environment. Getting the most up to date Brand Formulary Status information to HCP’s is a specialty of Hibbert. Our very robust ordering portal allows for payer tier status changes to be rolled out immediately and efficiently so that patients can enjoy the benefits of reduced co-pays for their prescription medications.


We are a proven industry leader in providing marketing solutions for brands, field sales representatives and veterinary institutions. We work with all areas of the Animal Health space including Farm and Companion Animals.

This includes:

  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs
  • Brand-based Marketing Campaigns
  • Trade Show and Event Support
  • Veterinary Clinic Database Management


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