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Hibbert is a leader in providing clinical trials management and supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Our focus is to reduce the administrative burden that comes with trials management. We offer solutions that will ensure regulatory compliance, streamline processes, and ultimately reduce clinical trials costs. With over 22 years of experience in the life sciences industry, our extensive services provide a patient-centric, end-to-end solution to planning, developing, administering and overseeing the flow of study tools throughout the life cycle of a clinical trial.

Fulfillment and Order Management

Offering turn-key clinical trials logistics management that improves efficiency and compliance, Hibbert brings an integrated and digital approach to administering study tools to investigators. Our proprietary platform,® allows sponsor study teams and investigators to order trial materials easily online. The ordering platform is backed by a robust, logistics infrastructure that includes a global network of operational facilities. This strategic network allows for timely delivery of key study materials and can accommodate digital or physical output.®

Our responsively designed platform that allows users to search and order study tools, create custom resources and access pertinent study information in a secure, real time environment.


Secure Storage

Secure storage in cGMP compliant fulfillment centers backed by intelligent inventory management and warehousing systems for physical and/or digital items.

Consolidated Delivery

Consolidated delivery of study support tools, ancillary items, medical devices and recruitment and retention materials directly to investigator sites or patients.

Custom Development

Custom development of trial startup materials including personalized welcome kits and investigator binders.


Management and procurement of study tool devices; including lot control, return inspections, data cleansing and repurposing.


Logistics Localization

Logistics localization through expertise in logistics management and customs requirements.

Digital Print Solutions

The development and management of study tools is a key component of any trial. Hibbert’s print specialists can assist with developing and optimizing study tools, which includes consulting on how to incorporate interactivity and personalization for enhanced engagement. We utilize a comprehensive digital print and file management strategy, allowing for channel optimization and timely delivery. An approach that is focused on cost savings and streamlining the development process.

Print Management

Print Managment is provided by a full-service team dedicated to the setup, quality control, and production of study tools.

Digital Print System

Hibbert employs Xerox® iGen® Digital Print Systems, as well as additional high-speed laser print technology for printing and finishing.


Digital Content Management

Our DCM solution provides access controls, intelligent automation, version controls, and secure storage of your digital media.

Device Management

Procurement, programming and refurbishing of digital support tools such as iPads, cell phones and monitoring devices

Incorporating digital innovation into your clinical trial strategy is key.

Our dedicated digital/web services team takes a collaborative approach to development. We offer an integrated technology platform that links all of our support services together.

  • Study Related Websites
  • Order Management Websites
  • Pre-screening/Vetting Websites
  • Native Mobile Applications
  • eLearning/Training websites
  • Electronic Surveys
  • Event Management Websites
  • Reimbursement Platforms
  • HCP Portals

Patient Recruitment, Retention, and Study Site Outreach

Having a comprehensive retention and recruitment plan is an instrumental part of a study’s success. Hibbert brings a unique approach to outreach that focuses on the patient. Uniting innovation and strategy to enhance the clinical trial experience allows sponsors to overcome study barriers. We will assist with automating your patient and investigator site outreach needs while executing large and small-scale campaigns.

Direct Mail



SMS / Mobile Messaging

Social Media / Listening


Survey & Data Capture


Patient Screening / Eligibility Scanning

Appointment Confirmations

Custom Apps

Web Application Development

Data Management

Analytics & Reporting

Transparency Reporting

(Sunshine Act)

Trial Management Support Services

Hibbert has a best-in-class and experienced Professional Services project management team with a clear understanding of all aspects of the clinical trial process. Our strategy, planning, outreach, and Inventory Management services include onsite or offsite support and can be in a full or part-time capacity. Dedicated program managers are focused on the patient experience as well as the sponsor’s needs.

Inventory Management

Inventory management and logistics support


Oversight of trial materials, including detailed reporting and analytics

Device Management

Study tool and device return management

Event Management

Onsite event management and logistical coordination of investigator training sessions


Recruitment and Retention

Subject recruitment and retention program management


Reimbursement program management

24/7 Global Inbound/Outbound Call Center

To complement our program management services we offer full call center capabilities including professionally trained operators that provide in-depth information and support for program inquiries such as: order processing, recruitment/retention, system support and customer surveys.

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